To be an academic institution of every parent’s choice and one that continually achieves higher heights and excellence in all areas of operation.


To bring up the child totally (morally, intellectually, socially and physically) and unveil their hidden talents through child centered education, discipline, the use of up-to-date instructional facilities and strategies, innovation and continuous staff development.

Core values

Integrity, excellence, confidence in speech and comportment.

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Welcome Message

Welcome to BFMS’ official website. BFMS is a leading pre-primary and primary day and boarding school situated at Ngozika Housing Estate, Awka, Anambra State.
She provides qualitative and comprehensive education (guided by the ‘Child Centered’ philosophy) in a serene and well equipped environment through a resourceful and dedicated set of personnel.
BFMS values Excellence, Integrity, Confidence in Speech and Comportment and she provides a fertile ground where children can be nurtured towards their God destined future.
She believes every child is a promise_ therefore all children are invited to apply for admission irrespective of their academic standing.
BFMS wishes you a pleasant tour of her site, as she welcomes you again to the school where every child is a promise.

Mrs. Irene Okoye
More about Blossom Fount

Blossom Fount Model School operates an integrated curriculum (Nigerian and Irish); blended to equip our pupils to compete with their peers globally.
It subdivides English Language into Grammar, Phonics, Diction, Dictation and Comprehension in order to holistically develop the pupils’ understanding of the language and enhance their confident self expression.


The school plans and implements an eventful calendar every session beginning at September and ending in July. Each calendar session comprises of three terms of not less than twelve weeks each.

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We are:

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Academic Programmes/Services


Our crèche programme is well planned to cater for the early developmental needs of children within the ages of six to nine months.


We run a three year nursery programme which is specially designed to give the child a solid foundation for basic education.
Here, the child's reading, writing and numerical skills are carefully developed and their social, emotional and physical development is not left out.

Basic Education:

We run a six year comprehensive and intensive basic education programme tailored to produce a total child.
Our children are exposed to a specially integrated curriculum plus a rich variety of extra-curricular activities.

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Auxiliary Services

Boarding Services:

Boarding Services: We provide a homeward boarding service with very decent facilities and responsible care-givers for pupils from age three and above.
Children can be registered for this service for the whole or part of a term (Eg for a period of time in which a parent will be out of town or the country).

Bus Shuttle:

We have brand new buses manned by experienced and responsible personnel to guaranty the safety of your wards to and fro school at an affordable price and very convenient pick-up and drop off points.

Catering/Cafeteria Services:

The school provides affordable snack and lunch for pupils as good as anything they would have got from home.
The children are provided with very tasty and nutritious variety of snack, food and desserts throughout the term, prepared and served under the most hygienic conditions.


Blossom Fount Model School